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We at interspire mods offer large spectrum of services related to interspire web based software. If you are looking for an innovative and new interspire template for your eCommerce project, you are at right place. Experience has enabled our designers and developers to create hundreds of fresh interspire templates and custom modules. We consider every single eCommerce project exclusively and spend time in order to fill it with sense of completion.

Payment Gateway Integration

Fresh Interspire Template Designing

Label Modification

Custom Module Creation

Bug Testing

Theme Integration


Dynamic Development

Innovative Interspire Templates from Our Template Store

IEM-Engine :

If you desire to add more value in interspire email marketer application, IEM-Engine is the fitting option for you. IEM-Engine is the creation of Interspire Mods, the team which has been working on Interspire email marketer for five years. IEM-Engine has collected in its arsenal majority of advance list management features; some of them even not available in Interspire email marketer application. Below are some of its salient features.

Advance list filtration features

Export List Features

Import List Features

List Management Features

Schedule Campaigns in Seconds

Retrieve Campaigns in Seconds

Subscriber Management Features

Targeted Email List

Complete Feature List

Email Server :

Email server is right choice for those, who want one click solution to send thousands of emails. Interspire Mods has designed email server package to cope up the requirements of worthwhile email marketing campaigns. Our email server ensures ability to send bulk solicited emails with rapid processing, trouble free maintenance and privacy. Let us configure your dedicated mailing server in our way and we enable you to send 150,000 emails in one hour.

Hot Features

Send 150,000 emails in one hour

Fast and Effortless Configuration

Optimal delivery direct to inbox

Interspire Email Marketer

Dedicated Mailing Server with Multiple IPís

Incoming POP and Outgoing SMTP/MTA Features

Domain key identified mailing support

Whitelist Service

Software Support

Other remaining tasks

Disclaimer: We promote the use of dedicated server for sending solicited emails. We do not permit our customers to use server for spamming purposes.